How To Get A Donated Mobile Home?

How To Get A Donated Mobile Home

Is the idea of moving to a house in the country and living off-grid your dream? But you don’t have enough money for a down payment, or credit to get a mortgage?

There is still hope.

You can buy an old mobile home that has been donated and move it onto land with your permission from the owner. All you need is some creativity, patience, and elbow grease! 

The trickiest part about buying a donated mobile home is finding one that’s within budget.

Your best bet is to contact local churches; they often have older homes available at steep discounts because they’re trying to unload them quickly so there will be less wear on their property.

Method For Getting Donated Mobile Home

Method A: Contact with Local Churches

Have a large family who could use a good home?

Most churches will be more than happy to donate an older mobile home to those with children needing a better house.

When buying from the church they generally charge by the square foot of how much it covers, as long as you can cover 50% per cent of this fee they will give you the home for free!

So if your mobile home is 564 square feet you would need to pay $3,065.28 but if you were only able to give them $1,530.14 then they would let you have it for free!

You may also find donators who are moving out of state and wish to unload their mobile home quickly to someone who would be able to use it.

Try asking around your neighbourhood if anyone knows anyone who might be trying to get rid of a mobile home, and see if you can strike a deal with them!

Method B: Get in Touch with Local Foreclosure Companies

  1. Getting a donated foreclosure is the same as getting a donated mobile home.
  2. You can also contact your local foreclosure companies and ask if they have any homes that are being sold to online bidders rather than traditional buyers, because these will need to be moved quickly once purchased it may be better off to you than someone willing to wait months or years before moving in!
  3. These foreclosures generally do not come with warranties so keep this in mind before taking on such a large project!
  4. Also remember that whatever land you choose needs to have enough water access and septic hookups for this type of home otherwise you could always consider bringing an old trailer from somewhere else onto your property instead.
  5. And remember if the house is still occupied you must get their permission before doing anything!

Method C: Through Local MH Dealers

  1. Contacting your local mobile home dealer in person is always a good idea because they often have deals where they will give you one or two homes at little to no cost. They simply need to get rid of them otherwise they will end up paying someone to haul it away anyway!
  2. If there isn’t anyone willing to do that then you can also try looking online for any types of promotions that might let you get a free model with the purchase of another larger one!
  3. The only possible drawback with this method would be if the company does not typically sell older models and may want more money than you can afford.
  4. You may also want to look into companies that rent mobile homes because their models are older they might be willing to give them away even though someone else is still paying the bills!
  5. Just keep knocking on doors and looking online, anything is possible as long as you never give up!
  6. Remember the best deal isn’t always the one where everything is free but rather finding a way to get what you want with your hard-earned cash!

Method D: From Craigslist

  1. Go onto craigslist and look for any offers of property with older trailers, some owners who have no use for these will sell them at dirt cheap prices just to get rid of them quickly!
  2. You can also check your local forclosure listings to see if any owner is trying to sell a home with a larger lot, this way you can get both the land and older model mobile homes which could still have many years left in them!
  3. This would be a great opportunity because not only will you save money on buying an older used trailer but there won’t be as much work involved as you already have access to both land and utilities!
  4. Keep checking back often as these types of offers do come up from time to time just don’t buy anything until it is 100% clear that everything is legitimate no one wants a nasty surprise after all of their hard efforts!
  5. Also sure you know how much each home is worth and how much the land itself would go for on its own, this way you can easily come up with a price you think is fair and if they agree then great if not move on something else!

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Final Verdict:- 

If you are looking for a home to live in but don’t have enough money for a traditional property then mobile homes are the way to go!

However if you want an older model you will need to look at all of these options listed above, they may not be perfect but if it means being your landlord one day then they are worth it!

You may also try asking your local grocery stores and other larger companies because they generally throw away old homes and trailers at the end of each season so there is no point in sending them back to the manufacturer.

If they permit you then you could haul it away to your land for free! Just keep knocking on doors until you find the right person willing to donate their trailer!

There are also many mobile home companies who will simply give away their old models rather than go through the hassle of trying to resell them or having them sit around for years on their lot!

You can always consider purchasing an older model which is being sold as-is, this way you don’t have to pay expensive warranty fees and repair costs but will likely need to put some money into fixing it up before living in it full-time.

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