How to Remove a Mobile Home and How Much It Costs?

How to Remove a Mobile Home

Would you need to relocate your mobile home? If you think you should just hit it on your van’s back and pull it off, then don’t! This is not so simple!

Relocating a mobile home that fits today’s criteria is a pricey task. It can be done, though, with the proper crew and lots of preparation. At the moment, we are going to explain how much you’re going to pay for it.

What is a mobile home?

Mobile homes are also recognized as homes that are manufactured. In a warehouse, they’re constructed. To allow them to be transported, these homes are mounted on a trailer frame.

Often, mobile homes are placed in a mobile home park or on rented property. The owner pays rent or leases land in these situations but retains the rental house itself.

5 Ways to Get Rid of a Mobile Home

You may have bought a piece of property recently that is perfect apart from an eye-sore, an abandoned mobile home that sits on site.

Ways to Get Rid of a Mobile Home

Know that there are several options to get rid of a mobile home before you deal with replacing it from your property in one form or the other.

1. Donate It

You can make a perfect donation to any number of nonprofit groups from your eye-sore. You can donate them to any foundation or needy people. You can also donate them to NGOs.

2. Sell It

In the world of mobile home rescue, just as there are individuals who would pay to tow away a broken-down vehicle, the same individuals exist. Study local businesses that would love to purchase your rental house for material refurbishment or scrapping reasons.

Usually, these businesses will also pay the expense of eliminating the mobile home from your estate and cleaning up the spot where it once existed.

Consider selling the mobile home on internet sales pages such as Craigslist and Social media Marketplaces outside of scrap firms to keep costs reasonable.

3. Deconstruct It

Although you can certainly sell the whole mobile home to anyone to take away, if you deconstruct and recycle the pieces yourself, you might be able to get the most for it.

Bear in mind that this approach can be responsive, unsafe, and labor-intensive. Research the mobile home’s unique model to ensure it does not involve dangerous items.

4. Demolish It

If you want to, you can demolish the house as well. Although you likely wouldn’t mind taking things out of your own hands, it is advised to take all the proper measures, involving licenses, safety measures, demolition contractors, and trash collection when demolishing a mobile home.

As failing to comply with local demolition and garbage, regulations can lead to hefty fines, ensure you do your thorough research.

5. Relocation

If you want to move your mobile home, you would need to receive appropriate licenses to ensure that your home is in good condition and suitable for highway transport.

Please ensure you negotiate who will be liable for obtaining the required approvals with your contractor and whether or not they are included within the amount.

General Procedure of a Mobile Home Removal

When it comes to the removal of mobile homes, demolition is the general method. When it is time to bring an end to yours, there is a range of choices to pick from. The mobile home disposal strategy that is right for you, though, relies on various variables and factors.

  1. At the moment, we are going to tell you the general procedure of mobile home removal.
  2. Firstly, you have to get a quote from the preferred contractor.
  3. After that, you have to pick the best contractor that can handle this task quite responsibly.
  4. When you have chosen the right contractor, get the permissions and approvals for removing the mobile home.
  5. The mobile home will be broken down into pieces by the contractor, and then the excellent metal will be separated from the trash. All the debris will be disposed of appropriately according to permissions and approvals.

Thanks to the right heavy-duty machinery, conventional demolition is pretty straightforward. It shouldn’t take longer than several hours to see the demolition of your house done.

How Much Cost to Remove a Mobile Home?

When it comes to the price, then several things affect the cost.

For instance, if your mobile home has a ceiling joist roof, it would entail additional labor and a greater removal fee. Not just that, your place and your home’s dimensions are both a significant price factor. For a mobile home full of things, the very same goes. It will cost less to bring and get rid of your house if it is empty.

You will rip off the most usable parts of your mobile home for scraps on your own if you have the power and practical expertise. It might be a significant pain to remove the outer steel plates; however, the rest might not be too troubled. From about $200 – $700 of reclaimed metal will be worth the typical 12 ft. x 60 ft. mobile home.

How to Sell the Mobile Home for Scrap?

For many factors, mobile homes are fantastic, but maybe it’s time now for you to rid yourself of the burden.

What are you doing if you have a property that you want to rent, but an old mobile home’s eyesore is decaying on it? You might have loved staying in your mobile home, so it never hit the sell-by-date. What the excuse might be, when you sell a mobile home for scrap, this is what you should expect!

Step 1:- Research

Investigate the existing costs of recycled fabrics, interior fixtures, and chairs. It is essential to know the value of scrap metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper. Being savvy about prices will help you avoid being tricked when you list the products for sale.

Step 2:- Advertise

If you let people know that you have scrap goods for sale, you might save money and hire a trailer to take parts away since you get your mobile home deconstructed post free web advertising. Most sites have a particular segment named for sale.

Websites like eBay or craigslist make it easier for customers to interact with those who plan to acquire junk metal.

Step 3:- Make the deal

The selling of waste material is becoming such a massive business that many governments have begun to control the operation more tightly.

A lot of materials are robbed and then sold, particularly copper. You will also be forced first to acquire a business license in a way to secure that buyers and sellers work lawfully. To find out the answer, we suggest you check in with your local elected officials.

Step 4:- Costs to consider

Your purpose is to make a profit from your mobile home’s waste material. There are a couple of expenditures to remember. You will always pay anywhere if you want to deconstruct your mobile home independently without a company’s assistance.

The cost of renting a trailer and equipment would be about $500 and $3,000. You would have to pay unless you or a buddy have access to a trailer and equipment.

Are you ready to hire a builder to get your mobile home deconstructed? Most will cost you around $6-$20 per square foot anywhere you go. Also, the expense of moving your equipment from the trailer. Ensure that when deconstructing the building, they consider all protective measures.

It’s also not unfair to claim a decent sum when they leave.
The average permit for deconstruction would cost you $300 on average. You will also be able to remove any garbage left on the ground once you have disassembled your mobile home and discarded all of your repairable waste material. It can add up to around $400 to the price of removing particles.

What are Mobile Home Salvage Yards?

You’re likely here as your mobile home is at a stage where remodeling is not probably profitable at all. The time has come to let it go. Although living a long life, satisfying you and your family members, you’re thinking about what to do about your mobile home right now. You may think about looking into a mobile home salvage yard to get rid of the mobile home.

For a mobile home junkyard or scrap yard in your region, view their classified ads. Nothing would turn up, maybe. You may, nevertheless, call up an automotive junkyard. Some of these agencies would accept mobile homes.

Bear in mind, you’re still going to have to pay for moving your mobile home, and at least you’re going to get it out of your path at last.


If you want to relocate your mobile, then your mobile home will have to be first checked. If it would be sturdy enough, then the agencies could move it to the wasteland.

Otherwise, it might not be possible. You have to consult with a local demolition company for the relocation of your mobile home.

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