How Many Axles Does A Mobile Home Have?

How many axles does a mobile home have

Each frame has five or more axles, depending on the size of the home.

And when we talk about mobile homes those you see in the suburbs are usually on a single axle trailer. But, what if your house is too big for that? What if you want to tow it with your truck or SUV?

Well, there’s also a double-axle trailer option for larger loads and it will be able to support more weight. You can also get 3 and 4 axle trailers for even heavier loads, but these are typically only used by commercial haulers.

There’s no limit to how many axles you can put under your home as long as they’re properly balanced when fully loaded.

The axle is the device that connects your tires to your frame. It also supports your mobile home’s frame and everything it contains. Mobile homes tend to become top-heavy as they age, so even though they were built with 2 axles, you might not have enough weight in one axle to support the house properly.

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This can happen after several years of adding things like carpeting, wallpaper, etc. to “taste” your trailer out or upgrade its decor.

Let us know if we should go ahead and do some calculations based on the size of your load!

How Many Axles Does a 14×70 Mobile Home Have?

How Many Axles Does a 14x70 Mobile Home Have

14×70 mobile home is a 2 axle, single-axle trailer.

The “70” just refers to the width of the house in feet. So that gives you a total width of 126 feet (2 x 72). This is also known as 14-feet wide by 70-feet tall. The length would be 206 feet (2 x 104). It’s longer than it is wide because of the two front overhang sections which get added when you place an order with a manufacturer to make sure the home will clear any obstacles at either end.

How Many Axles Does a 16×80 Mobile Home Have?

How Many Axles Does a 16x80 Mobile Home Have

There are two axles, and they’re each 16 feet long.

The “80” just refers to the width of the house in feet. So that gives you a total width of 80 feet (2 x 40). This is also known as 16-feet wide by 80-feet tall.

The length would be 240 feet (2 x 120). It’s longer than it is wide because of the two front overhang sections which get added when you place an order with a manufacturer to make sure the home will clear any obstacles at either end.

Note: Only a standard single axle trailer without brakes can be used for this mobile home.

Usually, a double axel trailer is used for homes much bigger than 19×82 trailers.

When Do I need to replace my mobile home’s wheels/axles?

The axle has a life span of about 10 years. Once the axle is worn, the wheels may not hold up anymore. They may slip and cause unnecessary damage to your mobile home or even worse, they might cause a punctured gas tank, which is very dangerous.

What are some other problems that may arise if one of my axles needs to be replaced?

There is the possibility of rusted bolts, stripped holes, or broken parts are a few of many. Before replacing your axle it is important to inspect and see if there are any broken parts around it.

It would be very dangerous to drive with these kinds of issues because the trailer can fall apart during transport!

How to replace double axles on your own?

How to replace double axles on your own

Step 1: Take off wheels – Jack up your mobile home to take off the wheels.

Step 2: Remove the old axle – Use a pry bar to remove the bolts, and use a hammer and chisel to take out the axle. Be careful not to damage anything else around it, especially your mobile home’s foundation.

Step 3: Replace with new axle – Put in new bolts, put in the new axle, and put in the wheels.

How wide are mobile home axles?

The width of an axle is determined by the mobile home’s size. If the trailer is 19×82 or smaller, then it will have two axles that are 54 inches wide.

The 20×80 mobile home has 60-inch axles and the 21×80 trailers have 66-inch axles. These sizes are based on a 2-inch drop from the back of a wheel to the front.

How much does it cost to replace double axles?

It all depends on how necessary it is. If you are being forced to by your landlord or insurance company, then it will probably be a lot more because they want every little detail done right and safe instead of just making cheap repairs on your trailer.

On the other hand, if you bought a used axle that has already been worn out it will probably cost much less than a new one because they’re not as effective anymore and can be replaced cheap.

The average price for just an axle is around $150-$250 each depending on your trailer size and weight.

How much does a new axle weigh?

The average weight of an axle is around 300 pounds, not including the wheel.

The largest thing on your trailer is your axles! It has to support the entire weight of your mobile home. The average weight for double axles including everything attached to it is between 2,000-2,500 pounds each. If one side of the trailer starts leaning too much, it can cause problems for both sides.

What kind of parts do double axles have?

The axle has 2 different bolts and 3 different holes for each side of the trailer (4 holes total). There are two bolts on one end that hold it onto the legs of your mobile home and two other bolts on another open hole at the opposite end.

The third hole is where your wheel goes through to allow you to drive!

What are mobile home axle dimensions?

The axle is very large, so it has to be able to support more weight and pressure. The largest diameter that axles can get are 8 inches across, but even the smallest ones have around a 6-inch diameter!

How to move a mobile home without axles?

It would be extremely hard to move a mobile home without axles, even if you have another trailer or dolly!

If your axle is broken and you do not have any way of getting to the store for new ones, then it’s important to find a metal pole to hold up where the broken part was.

Many people try their best to keep moving with no axles, so they don’t waste money on something that can easily be replaced. There are other options like putting logs underneath the two legs until you can get them fixed.

It may be annoying to have to push down on the wheel every time you go over an object but it will save more than just having one side stand up by itself.

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If your goal is to buy or sell a mobile home, understanding these distinctions can help ensure that you are buying what’s best for you. To learn more about our team of experts at!

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