Can Mobile Homes Get Termites?

Can Mobile Homes Get Termites

Yes, mobile homes can get termites. Termites love wood and houses have a lot of it.

So you were wondering if mobile homes can get termites? Well yes, they can.

Mobile homes are most likely to be attacked by carpenter ants but they will most definitely be able to infest your home with dry wood termites as well as subterranean termites.

Termite extermination is required for structures that spend time on land and in the ground such as mobile homes because the foundation provides soil access for them to enter your living area.

Fixing or replacing damaged wood and their mud tubes (more on that later) should fix the problem right up, especially since there is already proof that they’re present in some spot of your dwelling.

Some different types of termites live in the United States, the most common being dry wood termites and subterranean termites.

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Can Mobile Homes Get Termites?

Dry wood termites are found throughout North America while subterranean termite infestations occur mainly along the Pacific Coast and into Louisiana and Florida.

They both share similar structural damage, but it is much easier to see the signs of dry wood termite infestation than it is for subterranean ones.

Subterranean termites form networks of tunnels and chambers underground around your home’s foundation where moisture accumulates. These colonies can be vast with millions of members so even seeing what they’ve done can be difficult to spot without the help of a professional who knows what he/she is doing.

Dry wood termites like to make their colonies in the structural wood of your home and they’ll feed on cellulose found in almost any piece of wooden structure around.

Termites will eat all types of wood, even that which we usually think would be indestructible such as granite or metal.

Whether it’s a museum heirloom you’re worried about or the new wall unit for your living room, if dry wood termites can access its cellulose then it’s vulnerable to attack.

Once they’ve infested some area of your home they will construct mud tubes that run from their colony out into the ground where they can safely come up to find food without being exposed.

What are the signs a house has termites?

Signs of termites can be difficult to find in the home. You may find small piles of saw dust on your floor or outside your house where they’ve travelled out and back through their mud tubes.

Other signs include tiny round holes in the wood, such as what you would see with carpenter ants (you’ll need a magnifying glass for this), or they might just leave trails of dirt that they crawl through.

How do you get rid of termites in a mobile home?

The best way to handle infestations is by hiring a professional company that knows how to do it safely and correctly so that you don’t have problems down the road later.

If you’re lucky enough to only have carpenter ants then it’s still recommended that you call a professional to handle the problem, but you might try and do it yourself.

Carpenter ants can be removed by pouring boiling water down holes where they enter and exit the house, or you could use a pesticide applied directly to the nest opening as well as around the area.

If for any reason you must take care of termite problems alone then know that you’re going to have to call a professional if it doesn’t work out because there are strict rules that govern who is allowed to kill termites in your home.

Termites are not bugs that should be taken lightly, especially since their potential damage costs a lot more than a few dollars worth of wood repair.

You’ll want to follow up with a pest control professional to make sure that you don’t have an infestation that needs more than one treatment.

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Wrap Up

Termites can be a problem for your mobile home. They are attracted to the cellulose in wood and will eat through it, creating holes that allow other insects or animals into your home.

If you notice any of these signs—small piles of sawdust near baseboards, mud tubes on window sills.

Although the damage may seem extensive, homeowners should follow up with a professional pest control company, like Bug-B-Gone Termite & Pest Control Inc., to confirm if there is indeed termite damage or other pests in their homes.

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