How Big Is A Double Wide Trailer?

How Big Is A Double Wide Trailer

This blog post is about the size of a double-wide trailer. It’s not as big as you might think, but it can be quite spacious!

You’ll learn how to calculate the square footage and how to estimate the number of rooms in a double-wide trailer.

The average size for a double-wide mobile home was just under 2,000 square feet. A double-wide is 28 feet by 74 feet – four times as big as a single wide!

What is a double-wide?

A double-wide mobile home is one that has two sections for different rooms while others are designed into one large space. Most are 40 feet long by 16 or 18 feet wide.

These types of homes are usually placed on narrow lots within subdivisions or used as temporary housing before building a more upscale model. They may be purchased new or used if in good condition.

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Double Wide Trailer Dimensions

  • Estimated Length: 74 feet
  • Estimated Width: 28 feet
  • Square Footage = Length x Width
  • Estimated Area for Double Wide Trailer = 74 x 28 square feet

Estimated Number of Rooms – by Square Footage

Double Wide Trailer Dimensions

If you have a 2,000 square foot double wide home, this is how many rooms you might have.

Remember, not all homes are the same size. The number of rooms will depend on what each manufacturer decides to include in your model and where they decide to put things!

This is just a rough estimate. I’ve included bathrooms as one room since those are separate from sleeping areas… unless you want to count those as well!

Double wide trailer homes that are under 1,500 square feet usually only have a combined kitchen/living area with three separate areas which include a bathroom.

Double wide trailer homes from 1,500 to 2,100 square feet usually have a combined kitchen/living area with four separate areas which include a bathroom.

Double wide trailer homes from 2,100 to 2,400 square feet usually have a combined kitchen/living area with five separate areas which include a bathroom.

Double wide trailer homes that are over 2,400 square feet usually have a combined kitchen/living area with six separate areas which include a bathroom.

Double wide homes are usually on concrete foundations. They have water, sewer and electrical hookups which make it easy to set up and move in.

But don’t forget – you’ll need a place to put the trailer! Make sure you check with your city zoning regulations because many cities will not allow these types of homes… especially if they’re manufactured off-site.

FAQs about Double Wide Trailer/Mobile Homes

How to Choose a Double Wide Trailer?

If you want a double-wide, remember that there are many factors to consider before buying one.

Make sure to find out if they allow them in your town or city before you buy.

Double wide homes are usually made of aluminum which makes it easier for owners to move them around if they want to change locations.

They’re quite popular because of their size and affordability!

What is the largest double wide mobile home?

The largest double wide mobile home is in the 55+ Active Adult Community of Sun City Hilton Head in South Carolina.

It measures in at a whopping Fourty-two Thousand Sq. Ft, and has enough bedrooms for three families!

This particular double wide home includes five garages, eight full bathrooms, four laundry rooms, two kitchens and two living rooms.

Oh – there’s also an elevator that goes from the first to third floors! It’s quite luxurious considering this community caters to retirees.

What is the average width of a double-wide trailer?

Twenty-eight feet is the standard width of a double-wide trailer. It can be more or less depending on where you get it and how much room you need!

How many square feet of floor space is in a double-wide?

The typical size for a double wide is sixteen by forty feet which equal 640 square feet of floor space. There are larger and smaller models available.

Keep in mind that your floor plan will play a big part in how much space you end up with before you buy one. Not all homes are created equal!

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What shape are most double-wide trailers?

The most common shape for a double-wide after the traditional rectangle-shaped home is an “L” or “U” shaped home.

These homes offer additional space between the main wall and back bedrooms which is an added bonus for mobile homes!

What does a double-wide mobile home look like?

A double-wide usually looks like a normal, two-story trailer house. They do vary in color and design but most of them will have similar features such as:

A master bedroom on the top floor with a master bath attached. A kitchen area that opens up into the living room (most common).

Decks off of two sides of the home (front and back). Two or more bathrooms depending on if it is single or double-wide. Sometimes there may be an extra bedroom on one side of the home up top if the floor plan allows for it.

What is a double-wide manufactured home?

A Double Wide Manufactured Home, also known as a DWMH, is one that forms part of a factory-built housing system. They come fully equipped and ready to move into with all their fixtures and fittings pre-installed.

Although they can be built customised to your requirements, there are standard models available such as the popular “EZ-3” range which include three bedrooms and two bathrooms; or the “EZ-2” range which includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms; or our most popular model: “The Executive Plus” with its four bedrooms and three bathrooms!

These homes may be sold on plots of land where the owner will have to do some landscaping but they are also available for on-site self-build.

The latter means that you can hire a specialist mover who will transport it along with all its fixtures and fittings to your chosen plot of land, drop it off, leave you with the keys and go!

Can you live in a double-wide?

Doublewides are made to house two families at once with separate living spaces for each.

They can definitely be used as permanent housing but it is more common for them to use as a temporary living or camping quarters. A few examples of this include:

Temporary housing while building, remodelling or refurbishing your own home. Temporary classrooms in remote areas where students may stay during the week and go home on the weekends.

Conversion into an office with separate space for workers and visitors. Campgrounds often have rental cabins which are usually double-wides converted for modern use.

They are popular due to their lower cost compared to buying traditional tents or camping trailers! Portable storage buildings are becoming more popular as well!

Are double wide cheaper than single wide?

Yes, the price of double wide mobile homes is usually much lower than a traditional home. One of the reasons for this is because they are pre-fabricated which takes some time off of construction.

Another reason is due to lack of space between rooms, it keeps the cost down compared to building separate structures like apartments.

The end result can be hundreds or thousands of dollars saved on housing costs which also gives you more money for other areas in your life!

Are there disadvantages to living in a double-wide?

The biggest disadvantage of course would be if you do not have enough room for everyone to live comfortably. It can become loud very quickly if each room is occupied by a family and it can start to feel crowded.

Doublewides do not have the luxury of space like a single-wide where each room can be used as needed. You may also find that appliances don’t fit due to lack of cupboard space or there isn’t enough room for multiple washers and dryers.

This is why it is important to choose wisely if you want to live in a double-wide because they are designed with more than one person in mind!

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Are double wide homes safe?

Double-wides (also known as DWMH), and modular homes go through the same quality tests and pre-manufacturing processes as other housing types such as site-built homes, manufactured homes, and more.

They are built to the same standard as a regular home would be, and come from the factory with all of the technological advantages of modern homes including:

These homes are all built to the same exacting standards as their traditional counterparts!

If you have any further questions about double wides or modular homes, leave them below and we will get back to you with the answer!


If you’re looking for a new trailer to haul your things around, it can be hard to find the right size. After all, there are so many different types of trailers and each one has its own measurements.

Double-wide trailers typically measure 16 feet wide by 96 inches high by 12 feet long with an 8-foot height clearance at the hitch. They also come in two lengths – 14’6″ or 17’0″.

The length is measured from bumper to bumper while the width is measured as if they were laying on their side (4×8).

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