How Many Square Feet in a Mobile Home?

How Many Square Feet is a 14x70 Mobile Home

Mobile homes come in a variety of sizes. The most common size is 14×70, which equals 980 square feet. One can also find mobile homes that are 14×80, which equal 1120 square feet.

A 16×80 mobile home would have 1280 total sq. ft. and a 20×80 mobile home would have 1600 total sq. ft.

The average cost to buy a new mobile home ranges from $50,000-$130,000 depending on the quality and features desired by the buyer.

How Many Square Footage of a Mobile Home ?

It’s just a matter of how big you want your living space to be. With the average size being around 400-600 square feet, it can vary from 200-800 square feet depending on what you want and for your personal needs.

The more floor space you have, the more expensive it will be. But if you are looking for that extra room to grow into, then by all means get as much as possible!


How Many Square Feet is a 14×70 Mobile Home?

14×70 mobile home is equal to 980 square feet.

How Many Square Feet is a 14x70 Mobile Home

There are two ways to calculate square footage: the first is by multiplying length x width, and the second is by multiplying area. It’s important to know which type of measurement you’re using for your calculations before calculating a home’s square footage.

A 14×70 mobile home has 980 sq. ft. of living space if you use linear measurements. And 3,472 sq. ft. of living space if you use surface area measurements.(Linear Measurement vs Area Measurement)

A 14×70 mobile home is considered a small to medium size. It’s not the smallest or largest of sizes, but it does have a considerable amount of space. The average square footage for this type of mobile home would be around 1800-1900 square feet.

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How Many Square Feet is a 14×60 Mobile Home?

A 14×60 mobile home is 840 square feet. Many people are surprised to find out that this size of a mobile home is considered small/tiny homes, and it takes up less space than an average-sized apartment or house.

Mobile homes are also cheaper to purchase and maintain because they don’t need as many utilities such as power, water, gas, and electricity compared to other living spaces. 

The 14×60 mobile home can be placed on any type of property including a vacant lot, empty field or someone’s backyard which makes it easier for the homeowner to move at their own pace.

How Many Square Feet is a 14×80 Mobile Home?

A 14×80 mobile home is 1120 square feet. This blog post will explore the different sizes of mobile homes and what this means for you.  

The first thing to know is that not all mobile homes are created equal in size, but they generally fall into one of three categories: 10’x40′, 12’x50′, or 14’x80′.

These numbers represent the length and width respectively, so fourteen by eighty means space would be 1120 square feet.

How Many Square Feet Are in a 16’x80′ Mobile Home?

A 16×80 mobile home is 1280 square feet according to linear(floor) measurements. It’s a popular size for people who are looking to downsize in their retirement years, or for families with children and pets as they grow up and need less space.

A more expensive option is the 16’x96′ mobile home which has an additional 16′ feet of width at one end of the floor plan that can be used for a hobby room, office or bedroom.

How Many Square Feet Are in a 12’x60′ Mobile Home?

A typical twelve by sixty-foot space is 720 square feet. This blog post will explore the different sizes of mobile homes and what this means for you.

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Mobile homes are smaller than traditional houses because they don’t have insulation, foundations and other materials that contribute to a large amount of space. This means there is more flexibility in the type of mobile home you purchase as well as where it’s placed on your property. 

Some additional factors that increase the size of a mobile home could be decking or roof porches at both ends of the floor plan, bay windows that add an extra square foot per window and double-wide trailers.

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