Can You Put Regular Tub in a Mobile Home?

Can You Put Regular Tub in a Mobile Home

You are probably wondering, does a regular bathtub fit in my mobile home? And the answer to that question is yes! There are certain things you need to consider before installing one.

One of which is whether or not your water heater can supply enough hot water for two baths at once. If you have an electric water heater, there’s no worry since they always have plenty of hot water on hand.

But if you use gas, be sure it will work for both showers at the same time. 

The other thing to consider when putting a tub in your mobile home is where do I put it?

You may want to place it near the door so you’re not walking through wet floors every time you enter and exit the bathroom. As long as it will fit, and you can get both showers to heat up at the same time!

Mobile Home Tub vs Regular Tub

Differnece between Mobile Home Tub and Regular TubThe regular tub has rough openings, one for the faucet spout and one for the drain.

Mobile home tubs have a full porcelain liner so you can attach your accessories to them without having to worry about getting mortar behind the finish.

And of course, mobile home acrylic showers are being made with matching tiled walls, so if you are planning on tiling your bathroom any time soon.

You should go with a mobile home tub because you can do your whole bathroom at once! Just be sure to take measurements before purchasing anything. 

Bathtubs that can be put in a mobile home?

Most tubs range from 5 1/2 feet long to 6 feet long so if your bathroom is larger than this size, you should install two smaller ones.

If you’re not sure where to start when shopping for a new tub and shower combos, simply check out what’s available at your local hardware or online retailer.

There are lots of great styles and finishes to choose from like porcelain enamel steel fibreglass and cast iron.

For best results, make sure you pick out complementary finishes for your bathtub and showerhead to make the space look more uniform.

Tips for Buying a Mobile Home Tub

Here are few tips to keep in mind before buying a tub for a mobile home.

  1. If your mobile home is older, make sure you measure the cut out for the old tub. Those measurements will still be relevant if you are replacing the previous tub with an oversized unit that overhangs where your older one was installed
  2. If you want to tile around or up against the new mobile home tub, go with a unit that has matching tiles.
  3. It might cost more but it is worth it to purchase a new shower head and faucet handles too because these items tend to get corroded and worn out after years of use.
  4. You don’t want to add one that’s too heavy because it will settle the floor and create a tripping hazard.
  5. A new tub can be a pricey investment so make sure yours is worth it by checking the condition of your mobile home plumbing. 

Which kind of tub fits best in a mobile home?

You may wonder, what kind of tub is usually in a mobile home? It’s either acrylic or fiberglass. Both are great choices but there are benefits to each one.

Fiberglass tubs are more durable and sturdy. However, they do require more regular maintenance to keep them looking new.

Acrylic bathtubs on the other hand are lighter which makes it easier if you need to remove the entire unit to refinish them with another coat of paint. 

They’re also available in a wider range of colors making it easier for matching your bathroom décor.

A new showerhead and handle along with some new drain plugs will give you everything you need for your shiny new bathroom!

Are mobile home bathtubs plastic?

Are mobile home bathtubs plastic? To answer, no they’re not. Regular baths are made from porcelain or enamel which is a type of ceramic that’s as thick as cast iron and as strong as steel.

Mobile home tubs on the other hand are made from acrylic, a lightweight material that can be moulded to almost any shape so it will fit in your bathroom perfectly. 

The thickness of this type of bathtub varies depending on how deep it is and whether or not you want riser and overflow openings.

Can you put a walk-in shower in a mobile home?

Yes, but only if the mobile home is directly on the foundation and it has to be built by a professional.  

Luckily, there are so many brands to choose from when you shop for a new shower and tub combo.

The best place to start shopping for this type of bathroom renovation project is at your local hardware store where they carry all types of tubs including acrylic, fiberglass and cast iron.

If you’re looking for something larger than a standard-sized bathtub that’s great because options range from jetted tubs with bubble jets to roll-in showers that don’t require any modifications or construction work. 

Bathtubs come in different materials like steel, fiberglass and acrylic etc. Acrylic baths usually come in two types, one is the standard acrylic and the other is cast acrylic.

The cast acrylic bathtub model can be easily disassembled up into several pieces which allow you to take it out of your home without any major difficulties.


If you’re considering buying a mobile home and want to know if you can put it in a regular tub, we’ve got the answer. Yes!

You can use any standard-sized bathtub for your new residence as long as it doesn’t exceed 48 inches by 30 inches.

Make sure that there is enough room around the edges of the space where you plan on putting your bathroom so that water doesn’t leak out onto other areas of your living area or into electrical outlets.

Whether you’re building a new mobile home or just looking to replace your old tub, several considerations will help you decide if the regular bathtub is right for you.

The size of the space in which it’s installed might be an issue as well as how much weight can fit on top of it without causing any damage.

Before making any purchase decisions, think about what kind of lifestyle and design aesthetic appeals to you most so you can find something that fits seamlessly with both your needs and preferences.

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