Can You Walk On A Mobile Home Roof? Roof Weight Limit

can you walk on mobile home roof

Did you know that it is possible to walk on the roof of a mobile home? Well, guess what – it’s true!

You may be surprised by this fact since most people believe you can’t.

However, if your roof is flat and made out of concrete or asphalt shingles then yes – you can walk on it! It will not collapse under your feet because roofs are designed to hold up much more weight than one person.

But please note that I’m only talking about areas with no snow accumulation or ice buildup. Walking on an icy or snowy surface would cause damage to your roof which could lead to leaks inside your home.

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Mobile Home Roof Weight Limit

How much does a mobile home roof hold? 

If you’ve ever wondered this, I’m going to answer it now.

The maximum allowable weight for a mobile home pitched roof is 10 pounds per square foot. This includes standing and snow loads.

How much does a mobile home roof hold

If you have an average-sized mobile home that’s about 1,200 square feet – it would hold up to 12 tons or 12,000 lbs. That’s 4 times more than the weight of an average Vehicle so needless to say, it won’t collapse under simple walking.

Now granted that this is the upper limit on a flat roof area of your mobile home but it can hold more if there are insulation layers added on top.

In fact, according to Mobile Abode team recommendations, if you add R-30 insulation then it goes up to 15 lbs. per square foot while 20 lbs. per square foot require R-38 insulation!

But just to be safe, stay off the roof if you have a massive amount of snow on it!

Why would you want to walk on the roof of your mobile home? 

Well, in some cases you might need to access your roof to fix something. This could be done if there’s a leak or if you notice part of your shingles is missing.

But in most cases, people are just curious to see what’s up there. I mean, you don’t see very many pictures of roofs on Facebook! And it does look pretty cool when you get up there. It’s like being on top of the world – or at least that’s how your mobile home looks from above!

So if you have a flat roof and want to walk all over it, go ahead.

But please note that this is not possible with sloped roofs because they are too steep for somebody to walk on them without falling off. Also, keep in mind that walking around on a slippery surface can be dangerous so do so at your own risk.

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Can you walk anywhere on a roof?

The flat roof of a mobile home is made to hold 10 lbs per square foot. This includes standing and snow loads. For an average size mobile home at about 1,200 square feet – this would mean holding up 12 tons!

So the answer to the question ‘Can you walk anywhere on a roof?’ is Yes. You can walk on it but please note that this does not include icy/snowy areas because they are dangerous when they are slippery.

Also, don’t think you can go walking around in your attic without causing damage if that’s where the leak is coming from. That said, there are other ways that you can access your roof to fix your problem without going up there.

How to put a pitched roof on a mobile home?

The pitched roof of a mobile home is made to handle snow and standing loads. The maximum allowable load for the pitched roof of a mobile home is ten pounds per square foot.

That’s not bad for a mobile home that’s around 1100-1200 square feet in size. If you add another 300 square feet then it could go up to 15 lbs. per square foot!

When putting a roof on a mobile home – make sure it is an insulated one with R-value! I recommend at least R-30 but prefer to have products with higher R-values.

If the pitched roof of a mobile home is not insulated well, you will pay more in your bills because it will be harder for your furnace to keep up with the cold air seeping in through the ceiling! It’s like wearing extra bulky clothes on a cold day – it can help but not that much if you overdo it.

And lastly, please know that when you are installing any kind of roofing material on your mobile home make sure you do so correctly and follow manufacturer installation instructions to avoid leaks and damage down the line.

You need to consider where water would accumulate or runoff depending on the area below since every area has different conditions like landscaping changes or slopes.

How much do I need to cover a mobile home?

The amount of insulation needed on the roof of a mobile home is going to depend on the manufacturer. However, general guidelines are typically between R-13 and R-21.

This information will vary depending on where you live and what materials you use for your coverage.

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In some cases, I suggest adding a layer of insulation if it’s possible. On the other hand, in areas with extreme temperatures throughout different times of year – make sure you have less insulation surrounding the mobile home or it can be too much for certain months!

You must know how much coverage your mobile home needs so things run smoothly while preventing damage during cold months!

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