Are Mobile Home Faucets Different?

Are Mobile Home Faucets Different

Yes. Naturally, the faucets in mobile homes are different than in traditional homes because they all have to be modified to fit in the limited space under a mobile home sink.

Mobile home bathroom and kitchen faucets typically come in two styles: an L-shaped goose-neck or a single “yoke” style with one pipe that swivels.

Mobile home faucets can be found in a wide variety of styles, both those used on the outer portion of the sink as well as those used on either side of the cabinet.

Though they look similar to traditional faucets with separate handles which control hot and cold water separately, the actual flow is often less than that found in traditional homes due to PEX lines which deliver water instead of copper supply lines.

The major difference between these types is that the goose-neck comes with either separate hot and cold handles or one handle for both functions.

Whereas it also has two separate spouts, instead of one like the yoke faucet. Yoke faucets are available with either one handle or two (one hot and one cold).

You’ll want to be sure that the centre of your water supply lines are about 14″ above your sink since you’ll need to make a cutout in your cabinet countertop to accommodate the faucet spout.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying faucets for Mobile Home

The faucets you choose for your mobile home have to take into consideration the limited space under a mobile home sink.

Therefore, they are generally smaller than those found in traditional homes and require special mounting techniques as well as installation hardware.

They also often have limited water flow since the PEX lines do not allow for high pressure or volume of water from your city’s pipes. However, whether you opt for a goose-neck or yoke style, a single-handle or two-handle design, many models will meet your needs and budget.

Please note: Be sure to measure your cabinet opening before purchasing a faucet–most sinks come with standard sizes but this is not true if you cut out a custom countertop.

While there are a few manufacturers that make mobile home faucets, Moen and T&S Brass are the most common brands found in mobile homes. For this reason, most replacement parts can be found at any supply house & from your local plumber.

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What type of faucets is best for my mobile home?

What type of faucets is best for my mobile home

In general, the cheaper models from a regular home improvement center will do just fine. But keep in mind that your mobile home is not traditional and it’s best to use faucets designed for a mobile home.

This means you’ll probably pay more than you would for a standard model but since replacement parts can be hard to find, this is one price you don’t want to skimp on!

Can you use a regular sink in a mobile home?

Yes. But many sinks were originally designed for mobile homes and some are manufactured specifically as mobile home sinks.

Regular Sink vs Mobile Home Sink

The major difference between a regular sink and a mobile home sink is that the cabinet cut out for a traditional sink is deeper than that of the base cabinet since the drainpipe sits below countertop height.

Since PEX lines do not allow for high pressure or volume of water from your city’s pipes due to their flexible nature, you’ll find that many manufacturers make smaller sinks with shorter drains to accommodate this fact.

In addition, because cabinets are often less deep in mobile homes, there isn’t enough height under a standard kitchen/bathroom vanity to accommodate a standard depth sink bowl. Thus, most mobile home sinks have shallower bowls measuring about 1″ lower than those found in traditional homes.

You will also see that some models have more of an under-mount look – probably because it is easier to cut out the cabinet so that the bowl can sit flush with the cabinet.

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Mobile Homes Sink Manufacturers

Moen, T&S Brass and Elkay are three manufacturers which specialize in mobile home sinks. They offer a wide variety of styles including stainless steel, cultured marble, fireclay (porcelain fused to steel), cast iron and enameled cast iron.

While all 3 brands make single bowls as well as double-bowl sinks with one or two faucets, they each have integrated systems for water filtration & ice makers built right into their products.


If you are looking for a mobile home faucet, it is important to know that these products may not be the same as those found in traditional homes.

Mobile home manufacturers often use oddball fittings and valves because they need something that can withstand frequent movement without leaking or breaking down over time.

The best way to figure out what your specific needs are will be by speaking with an interior designer or salesperson at your local hardware store about which type of faucets work well on a mobile home.

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