How to Remove Air from Water Pipes in a Mobile Home?

How to Remove Air from Water Pipes in a Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home with water pipes that are getting air bubbles, this blog post will show you how to fix the issue.

The most common cause of the problem is an improper installation of pipe fittings or using incompatible materials. This can lead to leaks and other problems so it’s important to take care when installing your pipes.

It’s also possible for soil movement or freezing temperatures could cause the issue but they are less likely causes than improper installation. 

Read on for more information about these issues and what steps you can take to solve them!

5 Steps to Remove Air From Water Pipes in a Mobile Home

Here are few steps to follow for removing air from water pipes in a mobile home:

1- First and foremost, turn off your main water supply to completely stop all flow of water through the pipes.

If you’re not able to locate your air vent line, try using a bubbler. This is a device that you can find at any hardware store that attaches right to the end of your hose or faucet. It’s designed specifically for removing excess air from copper lines to prevent water hammering when you shut the water off.

If there is no bubbler available, remove the cap covering your air vent pipe located behind the water heater. Create a seal over this opening by placing one hand around it or using your fist if it’s large enough.

2- Turn on the mainline valve until you can’t see any bubbles coming out of the faucet.

3- If it’s not possible to locate your air vent line, use a bubbler or remove the cap covering your air vent pipe and place one hand or fist over it to create a seal. Turn on the main valve until no more visible air bubbles are coming out of your water supply.

4- Once all the air is removed from the lines, turn off both valves. You can now re-coil any hoses or attach any service connections that were leaking by securing them with Teflon tape. It’s important to wrap both male threads with this tape before screwing on fittings.

Failure to do so could cause leaks around the fittings which can lead to other problems like water hammering or leaks in the future.

5- Open up the main water supply and begin using your fixtures as normal! This should completely fix all of your leaky faucets and doors as well as eliminate your toilet from flushing poorly.

Air Bubbles Caused by Soil Movement or Freezing Temperatures

As we mentioned earlier, there are other reasons air bubbles could be getting into your pipes that could potentially cause leaks and other issues later on if they’re not fixed immediately.

Soil movement is one possible culprit – it can be because pipes situated deeper underground to shift position which will allow air to enter the line if any cracks form for this reason. Though unlikely, it’s also possible for ice formations to cause this problem during the wintertime. This is due to ice expanding inside your water lines and creating cracks or holes that let in air.

How to tell if it’s a supply issue before you take action?

It’s important to know how much you can do by yourself without having to call a plumber. For example, we recommend turning off your main water supply and checking for any other obvious leaks first since finding them will eliminate the need for other steps like bubbling which can be tricky and use up unnecessary time and supplies.

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