How to Keep Water from Running under Mobile Home?

How to Keep Water from Running under Mobile Home

In order to keep water from running under mobile homes, there are a number of things that need to be done.

Water can be a big problem for mobile homes, as they are often constructed on soil that is not level. This can cause water from rain or snow to pool under the home and leak into the living space.

It’s important for homeowners to take preventative measures against this type of water damage by installing a perimeter drainage system around their homes.

A typical installation starts with digging out an area about six inches deep underneath the foundation, then laying down gravel and sand in layers until it is at least two feet high.

When water gets under your house, it can cause a number of issues and concerns. Water damage is the most obvious and immediate issue that can happen if you don’t take care of things right away.

You might also experience mold growth, which will lead to respiratory problems for those in your mobile home as well as structural damage to your property.

Here are some tips on what you should do when water gets under your house!

How to Keep Water from Running under Mobile Home?

Here are few steps to keep water from running under a mobile home.

1. Evaluate the soil around your mobile home

If it’s dry and sandy, you’re in luck; water is less likely to invade. If not, look into getting some landscaping done. You’ll be able to prevent your yard from eroding through the winter with regular treatments of mulch or compost.

2. Inspect downspouts for blockage after each rainfall

Leaves tend to accumulate at the ends of downspouts; clear away any leaves that may have accumulated there before they cause clogs that result in minor overflows that can damage blinds or floors with mold or mildew growth.

3. Clear Gutters & unblocking Downspouts

Clear gutters and unblocking downspouts of any leaves and debris that might block water flow after each rainfall. Get rid of leaves and sticks that may be clogging your gutters with a broom or leaf blower.

Make sure to trim back overgrown bushes and trees near the house so they don’t block rain runoff drainage channels.

4. Install a Perimeter drainage system

perimeter drainage system for Keep Water from Running under Mobile HomeInstall a perimeter drainage system around the home, with gravel filled in beneath the foundation, then covered with sand or pea stone—it will let you know when you need to add more gravel (or not) and is an effective deterrent against moisture seeping up through cracks in the foundation.

A perimeter drainage system may also require gutters and downspouts near low-lying areas such as windows or doors that might be vulnerable to leaks if left unaddressed. Make sure downspouts drain away from the home and toward a proper drainage system.

If you have an underground sump pump installed for flooding emergencies, make sure it is working properly too!


In the end, it is important to remember that there are many ways to keep water from running under your mobile home. It’s up to you and what works best for your situation. The key thing is knowing the actual reason for water under the mobile home.

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