How Much Is Mobile Home Park(Lot) Rent?

Mobile Home Park Rent

Mobile home park rent varies according to the size of the lot and the amenities offered. The range is $100 – $800 per month.

average mobile home lot(Park) rent

In today’s economy, more and more people are looking to rent a mobile home rather than buying one.

It’s estimated that as many as 1 in 5 American households now lives in a manufactured or mobile home. With the high price of land and housing these days, renting a lot for your trailer may be an excellent option!

How much should you expect to pay? Well, the answer depends on where you’re located but most likely anywhere between $75-$200 per month will do just fine.

Mobile home lots are rented for a monthly fee. To get the most accurate estimate for your area, you should know what the average lot rent is in your region.

This article will help you determine how much money it costs to lease a mobile home lot.

Pricing a Mobile Home Lot/Park

Typically, mobile home lots are rented for a monthly fee. To get the most accurate estimate for your area, you should know what the average lot rent is in your region.
Check out this Mobile Home Guide that provides information on individual mobile home park costs to help you find an existing one in your area.

As with any real estate transaction, checking with local government agencies and realtors will provide you with further insight into the going rates for land leases.
Also, speaking with people who currently own or rent mobile home lots can be an invaluable resource as well.

Additionally, searching online for current listings of available lots can provide you with a good idea of fair market value as well as how much you can expect to pay.

To estimate the average monthly lot rent for your area, collect information from as many sources as possible and then calculate a typical amount based on averages.
If you find that rates are extremely low or high in the areas you’re looking at, adjust accordingly – either up or down – with a more realistic estimate.

Data collected from an online mobile home park directory showed a range of $45-$125 per month for a single-wide lot rental fee.

Of course, these prices will vary according to several factors including region and availability, but this gives us a pretty good idea of what we should be expecting if we use those numbers as an example.

Mobile home lot leases will range anywhere between $75-$200 per month. Like any real estate transaction, checking with local government agencies and realtors will provide you with further insight into the going rates for land leases.

Additionally, speaking with people who currently own or rent mobile home lots can be an invaluable resource as well.

Don’t forget to check online listings for currently available lots to get a feel of fair market value as well as what you should expect to pay!

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What’s included in mobile home park(Lot) rent?

Park owners typically charge for rent, water/sewer and electricity. Some parks do not include taxes or trash fees in their monthly charges.

If additional services such as cable TV or Internet are offered, they may be billed separately by the provider (such as Comcast) and paid directly to them by residents each month.

Fees for these utilities can be shared; it means that if you split this cost with your neighbour you will pay less than half of what you would pay for those individual services on your own.

This feature can be very to some mobile homeowners.

Be aware of these fees before buying a mobile home park model.

You also might not have any choice in your land location since you would be stuck with the assigned space chosen for you by the owner.

Some parks do allow residents to choose the lot they want to occupy, but this will cost more money on top of their rental fee.

If you are choosing an option that allows you to select your lot, make sure it is clearly stated in the contract and negotiate this point with the owner if it is not part of their standard business practice.

Mobile home lots must follow certain rules set by HUD (Housing & Urban Development); find out what those rules are before placing any deposits down or signing any leases.

Some mobile homes parks insist that residents take care of their landscaping and do not maintain common green areas.

For owners, a park is just a place for you to live and not much else.

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Things to Consider while Renting a Space for mobile home?

The land space where your mobile unit will be placed can affect the monthly rental fee; larger lots with more trees typically cost extra money.

If this information isn’t listed in any paperwork provided by the owner, ask about it as soon as possible before signing anything or putting down any deposits.

Not all models are suitable for all types of spaces since some may require bigger yards than others. This is something only experienced MH builders know but never an owner who is not an MH owner themselves.

If you are restricted to a very small area, you may want to consider buying a larger unit for your family’s needs if the price is right.

1- Mobile Home Amenities

Parks that offer more amenities usually cost more money; research all the charges before signing anything or agreeing on any rental rates.

Look into whether or not there is pest control service included in the monthly fee; it’s certainly something worth paying for since parks with this service usually require less maintenance work from their residents.

Pests can grow quickly inside mobile homes; knowing that there is professional help available can be a lifesaver when dealing with rodents at 2 a.m.

When you are choosing a park to live in, make sure the fees listed in the contract match what was promised.

For example, if a park advertises itself to have a clubhouse but later states that it’s been closed for renovations for years or that there is no money available from the owner to fix it up then something is wrong.

Also, find out how much affiliation fees will be before signing anything official; bunching everyone together into paying higher dues just means more money for the owners should anything happen with your community.

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2- Mobile Home Lot Rental Fees

Small lots with less than 1/4-acre of land typically cost $100 – $200 per month while larger ones can range from $400 – $1,000+ depending on the size of the lot, age of the mobile home inside it, proximity to amenities offered by the park and whether or not it is gated.

Mobile Home Lot Rental Fees

Some parks offer discounts for seniors or long-time residents; this may be something you want to take advantage of if you plan to live in one place for a while.

When looking at prices for MH rental fees it’s important to note that some owners might charge extra money for clubhouse use or access to other common areas since they are considered “exclusive” by law.

If your contract states that there is an additional fee then make sure that you know what is included before signing anything official. You should also ask about water/sewer/garbage rates and if they are included in the rental fee or not because that can also add up and increase the monthly cost of living.

No matter how good a deal sounds, always read the fine print before signing anything.

If you’re planning to rent out a mobile home lot, make sure everything is clearly stated in the contract and don’t hesitate to ask for any clarifications you may need after studying it.

You can also negotiate certain points especially when it comes to monthly rates and other charges; having everything written down on paper can help you get what you want out of your rental agreement.

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3- Mobile Home Park Requirements:

Make sure that the park you’re planning to live in has the following: – A clubhouse for your use and enjoyment (if you plan on living with other people then this is a must-have).

– Before signing anything, make sure that the park offers water, sewer and garbage pickup service; at least one of them should be supplied or else look elsewhere.

– If the parks don’t have these services then you will need to find out how much it costs before agreeing to anything official because having them done might raise the cost of living astronomically high.

– Make sure that there are no outstanding fees owed by previous or current residents since they may affect your account negatively if their dues aren’t paid soon enough.


The average monthly rent for a mobile home park in the United States is $500, which can range from $250 to $1,000.

The amount of rent you pay for a mobile home park depends on the size and location. For example, if you live in Florida, then your monthly cost will be higher than someone living just outside of California.

Likewise, larger parks with more amenities typically have higher rents as well. Mobile homes give many people an affordable way to own their piece of property without the high costs associated with buying a traditional house or apartment building.

When deciding where to buy a lot or how much you should spend each month on rent, remember that there are other expenses involved besides simply paying for parking space every month!

If you’re in the market for a mobile home park, it’s best to do your research on what type of space is available and how much rent prices are.

The more information you have about pricing, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes time to negotiate with potential landlords. We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions about renting out property!

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