Do Mobile Home Furnaces Have Filters?

Mobile Home Furnaces Have Filters

Do mobile home furnaces have filters? Yes, they do.

Mobile homes are not as easy to keep clean as traditional houses because you can’t just open a window and let the breeze come through like normal people.

You’re stuck with whatever air conditioner or heater you’ve got installed in your house, even if it’s really old and inefficient.

Mobile home furnaces are considered to be among the most cost-efficient heating systems available on the market. They are fairly easy to install and maintain.

However, one of the main questions people who own mobile homes ask is whether or not their furnace needs filter replacement. To answer this question, let’s start with seeing what a mobile home furnace filter does in the first place.

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What is the Mobile Home Furnace Filter?

A mobile home furnace filter generally consists of two main parts:

1) A frame that protects it from dust particles, dirt, pet hair and pollen;

2) And mesh that filters out all the solid elements like animal dander, mould spores, dust mites and other allergens that can irritate your respiratory system.

This results in clean air being supplied to the furnace fan that then blows it into all the rooms of your mobile home.

How often should I change my Mobile Home Furnace Filter?

This question is quite difficult to answer since each manufacturer has its recommendations for this matter, but experts recommend doing so at least once every 3 months.

  • Many factors determine how frequently you have to replace the filter including:
  • The number of people residing in your mobile home;
  • The amount of time spent indoors daily;
  • The quality and size of the room where the furnace is installed;
  • Amount and type of debris present in your area (if you live near a forest, there will be more pollen than if you live on a farm, for example).

As a general rule, if you feel it is time for a replacement, do so.

If your space heater doesn’t heat the room properly and there is a room or two that remains cold while other areas are warm, this indicates that the filter needs to be changed.

The same applies when you notice an increased amount of dust in your mobile home along with pet hair and dander accumulating on your furniture.

In this case, change the filter to ensure cleaner air quality throughout your mobile home.

What should I use to clean my Mobile Home Furnace Filter?

Ideally, you shouldn’t clean the furnace filter at all and just replace it every 3 months as recommended by the manufacturer.

However, in case you feel the need to clean it yourself, several methods can be used. You can vacuum it or wipe it with a damp cloth.

Some people prefer using white vinegar and baking soda when cleaning the filter. However, if after cleaning it appears that filtration is no longer effective, just replace the entire furnace filter according to your space heater’s user manual.

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Mobile Home Furnace Filter Where Can I Buy It?

It depends on your location but you should have no problem finding one at any hardware store nearby.

Keep in mind that replacement filters cost only about $15-$30 so avoid installing an expensive high-quality filter since not all of them are fit for filtering large particles.

Large mesh size can clog the furnace fan, making it work harder to blow air into your mobile home.

If you are not able to find a filter anywhere in your area or simply want to ensure that the best possible filtration solution is provided for your space heater’s cooling system, check online retailers like Amazon where you can find both high-end and budget furnace filters specifically designed for use with space heaters.

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Generally speaking, heating systems have filters that are meant to be changed at least once every 3 months if not more frequently. We hope this article helped answer your questions.

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