How To Give A Mobile Home Curb Appeal?

Steps To give a mobile home curb appeal

Many mobile home park owners know that curb appeal is an important factor when people are buying their new homes.

Do they need to worry about the same for their mobile home parks? Yes, if they want people driving by to stop and inquire about their homes in the park.

4 Steps To Give Mobile Home Curb Appeal

Here are four things you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers and renters and thereby increase interest in your park:

1. Clean it up! Paint it up! Cleaning and painting can go a long way toward making a mobile home look much better to passersby.

This is especially true when the mobile home has been sitting in the same spot for a while with accumulated dirt or damage from weather elements. You might even consider putting a sign out front – if you think there’s enough traffic to warrant it.

In our last survey of industry professionals, 87% said that appearance is important in attracting new residents to their manufactured home parks, according to the 2020 Manufactured Housing Industry Survey by MHI Industry Research Inc.

2. Trim shrubbery growing near windows and doors – this helps people see your home is in good shape and that the windows and doors work.

For a more professional look, ask for assistance from a landscaper or arborist in trimming bushes away from the exterior of your home so they don’t block light from coming into your windows.

3. Fix up your front walkway – This makes it easier for buyers to imagine walking in and moving their belongings inside, rather than tripping over any cracks or obstacles on their way to view the home.

4. Clean off your porch – The same rules apply here as with cleaning up your outside of the mobile home: Dirt and grime build up over time on outdoor surfaces, making them appear shabby and older, while a quick cleaning can make a big difference.

In our last survey of industry professionals, 30% said they add curb appeal to their parks through landscaping and good site design, while 29% cut back or remove shrubs and trees growing on or near roads to improve sightlines for drivers.

Through a combination of these tips, you can help draw attention to your mobile home park’s homes from people passing by in their cars – just what you need to get that snowball rolling downhill!

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Final Words

If you want to give your mobile home curb appeal, start by taking a look at the exterior.

The first impression is important and if weeds are growing up through cracks in the sidewalk or debris on the porch, it may not be an inviting space for potential buyers of your property.

You can make necessary repairs, sweep off leaves and dirt from outside surfaces and plant some flowers around the yard.

Even something as simple as hanging a new welcome mat can go a long way towards making your place feel more like home!

By following the advice in this article, you can give your mobile home curb appeal.

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