Do Mobile Homes Appreciate?

Do Mobile Homes Appreciate

Many people are interested in the question of whether mobile homes appreciate or depreciate.

This article will look at a few different factors that can affect the value of your home, and answer this question once and for all.

A lot of people have been asking about this topic lately, so we want to help you out!

Do Mobile Homes Appreciate?

The short answer is this – it depends. If you brought your mobile home and put it in a community, many of the factors that determine whether or not your home appreciates will be out of your control.

Mobile homes can appreciate quickly when they are in the right place at the right time.

For example, if there is an influx of people looking for homes to rent in an area where everyone wants to go, then oftentimes house prices increase because there is high demand for housing in these areas.

Factors Determine How Much Manufactured Home Will Appreciate?

The factors that determine your home’s appreciation rate include:

  • Nearby infrastructure growth
  • Stable housing market
  • Community population
  • Job market
  • New construction growth/business activity

This information is extremely helpful when you’re trying to decide which manufactured home community will grow the most.

Here’s how we’re going to break down which factors affect appreciation/depreciation: Mobile Home Depreciation Calculator

There are several reasons why mobile homes depreciate over time.

However, if you live in the perfect location with reliable access to public utilities and amenities, it is certainly possible for your home to appreciate.

The area in which you decide to purchase a mobile home can have significant effects on the overall value of your home.

For example, if there are more homes available than people looking for houses, this typically causes prices to drop because there is less demand than supply.

This relationship between availability and price applies to many different types of housing units – therefore we can use it as a model when discussing mobile homes and their chances for appreciation or depreciation.

A community that has new construction, increasing population growth, growing high-paying jobs and an increased demand will lean towards a higher appreciation of values than one without these factors combined.

Some locations around the US see little change in value over time, while others are growing at a rapid pace.

Here are some examples of mobile home communities that have seen significant appreciation rates, and the factors behind their growth:

Del Webb’s Sun City in Mesa, AZ has experienced high appreciation due to an increase in demand for active adult communities with amenities like golf courses, fitness centers, dining halls and other common areas.

The location is near several large employers including Honeywell Aerospace and Boeing Defense.

These types of factors contribute to student property values increasing quickly because there is more demand than availability for housing that meets these criteria – specifically by Millennials who love to live near thriving job markets.

The Villages in Florida offers single-story homes with no yard work required, along with access to nature preserves, golf courses and plenty of dining options.

It’s located near the University of Florida which contributes to high student demand, as well as a large population base that enjoys a friendly community environment with a fun nightlife.

The Woodlands in Texas is another master-planned community that has grown significantly over the last few years due to an influx of corporate jobs from companies like Exxon Mobile, Hewlett Packard and Conoco Phillips.

Apartment complexes have been replaced by new retail stores and restaurants because there is so much business activity around this area.

Just because a mobile home community is in a growing area does not mean it will appreciate across the board.

For example, most manufactured homes in California are used as permanent housing for thousands of people that can’t afford to buy another type of home.

Therefore even though California is one of the “best” states to be in from an appreciation standpoint, market conditions have been deteriorating quickly and values have been dropping due to oversupply.

In addition, some communities may experience more ‘depreciation’ than others do if they don’t see any new construction and aren’t located near amenities like shopping and restaurants.

If you live in this kind of location, it’s best to try selling your manufactured home on your own instead of waiting for appreciation rates and hoping things change shortly.

You can sell a mobile home in just a few days by listing it on Mobile Home Town and reaching out to people who live locally.

The demand for mobile homes is far larger than what you’d expect because many people don’t realize they even want one until they see how affordable and flexible these units are as an alternative housing option.

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Do mobile homes build equity?

Yes, mobile homes can build equity over time if you’re not paying rent. A lot of people avoid buying any type of home because they don’t want to deal with the responsibilities that come along with owning property.

The truth is homeownership doesn’t have to be difficult – all it takes is some patience and determination to see which communities around your location are experiencing appreciation rates so you know which ones will suit your needs best in the long-term future.

You can use this information to decide if renting out a mobile home is right for you, or using it as permanent housing until the area sees the kind of growth that’s expected by property investors like yourself.

Do manufacture homes hold value?

Manufactured homes and modular homes hold their value and can appreciate over time.

People assume they don’t increase in value because the exterior doesn’t look as attractive as a house with siding or brick, but this isn’t true.

Home values are based on several factors including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as property taxes, insurance rates and land availability – all things that affect every type of property equally regardless of whether it’s a manufactured housing unit or not.

You might see your home become worth more than what you purchased it for if you bought it recently because this happened across the country for single-story and multi-story homes alike and is part of what created this spike in demand we’re seeing.


In our opinion, it is unlikely that a mobile home will appreciate over time. This makes them a less attractive investment option for people looking to cash out of the market and put their money into something else.

However, if you are interested in buying or selling a mobile home as your primary residence, they can be very affordable options with minimal upfront costs associated with purchasing one.

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