Why Do Mobile Homes Get So Hot In Summer?

Why Do Mobile Homes Get So Hot In Summer

It is a well-known fact that mobile homes get ridiculously hot in the summer. The heat builds up inside, trapping it like an oven.

Mobile homes are not insulated properly and when the sun beats down on them they become hot in summers.

It’s no surprise then that many people are looking for ways to cool their homes without breaking the bank on expensive air conditioning units

This article will explore some of the most popular and effective methods for cooling your mobile home this summer!

Why Do Mobile Homes Get So Hot In Summer?

why is my mobile home so hot

Above is a picture of a typical mobile home. As you can see, most of the windows are single pane and made with cheaper materials such as aluminium frames.

There is very little room for ventilation. What makes things worse is that they are often built on black asphalt which absorbs the sun’s heat and radiates it into your home.

The design was not intended to withstand extreme heat and they simply were not designed to handle the summer heat.

Add to it all the insulation we use today in our homes and there just isn’t much space left for airflow inside these structures.

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How to keep Mobile home cool in summer?

There are numerous ways that people have found to cool their homes in the summer.

Some of them are inexpensive and some might even seem counter-intuitive but they all work well for cooling your mobile home.

We’ll explore some Mobile Home Colling Tips now.

1) Open all windows and use fans/vents to circulate air inside

The first thing you can do is open up all the windows in the home.

This allows the hot air trapped inside to escape and it also creates an artificial airflow that will carry the cooler air from outside into your home.

A great way to maximize airflow is to use box fans and place them in front of windows on both ends of the house.

Doing this creates a cross-winds effect which helps circulate the air and keeps your home cool!

Close off any rooms you don’t need and make sure you leave one window slightly open for fresh, cool air.

On hot days it might be necessary to keep some windows open during the night because if there isn’t any airflow no matter how much cool air enters the room it will just get hotter.

2) Use insulated curtains

Insulated curtains are very popular these days as they allow you to block out UV rays and minimize heat gain through your windows.

They’re a lot like blackout curtains but they perform double duty by insulating your home against heat as well.

A great example is this one from Amazon that you can check out here: “Caribbean Shading Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtain Panel”

3) Use light colors to reflect sunlight and reduce indoor temps

Another simple method for reducing the amount of sun and heat entering your mobile home is to use paint and other materials with light colors on them.

This will help redirect much of the incoming sunlight so it doesn’t seep into your mobile home and make it hotter than it needs to be.

Light colours such as white, beige, light yellow and other similar colours are best.

4) Use ceiling fans to push hot air up and out

Using ceiling fans is a great way to keep the airflow inside your mobile home moving at all times.

Ceiling fans have the added benefit of being able to push hot air up into the rafters where it cannot enter your living space or set furniture on fire! I…Just kidding… But they do help move the hot air around so it’s not all sitting right above you.

This can be especially helpful during nighttime hours when heat often builds up around upper levels because there isn’t sufficient airflow coming through your windows at night.

A simple solution is to use a standing fan in front of an open window which will help push the cooler air inside your mobile home.

5) Use blinds or curtains to block out sunlight

Sometimes, especially in the summer months, you want to keep the sun out of your windows entirely.

This can be accomplished easily by using blinds or other covered window treatments which are designed specifically for this purpose.

One thing you should make sure of is that they are not made with cheap or flimsy materials as these can break or create gaps along the edge of your windows where hot air enters the room during the day.

The best way to avoid this problem is simply to use sturdy products that have been properly installed into your mobile home’s window frame.

6) Use insulated roller shades or blackout shades

Insulated roller or blackout shades are a great way to keep out sunlight during the day and prevent heat from entering your mobile home.

They look very similar to regular window treatments but roll down at night instead of being raised into the top portion of the window. The benefit of these is that they do an excellent job at blocking out light and heat while still allowing you to take advantage of open windows during the nighttime hours.

Another option is insulated drapes which work similarly, although you don’t have as many options for colour or design with these as you do with roller shades.

7) Use floor fans in front of a window to push cooler air inside

Similar to the standing fan method mentioned above, you can also use floor fans to push cooler air inside mobile homes.

The main difference with this method is that these are much lower to the ground and usually sit right in front of a window instead of standing up by themselves.


In summer, mobile homes can get so hot that they may be considered unlivable.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your home cool in the scorching heat of the day.

1) Install an attic fan and leave it on all night long. This will pull cooler air into your home from outside through the roof while pushing hot air away from inside.

The breeze created by this flow of refreshing cooling air is sure to make you feel more comfortable during these intense hours.

2) Put up curtains or blinds on windows facing south for protection against direct sunlight entering your home during daytime hours when temperatures are at their highest point.

3) And if you want to save money on your summer utility bills, the best way is by installing a solar panel. The next time you need an upgrade for your home or office, think about adding this eco-friendly feature before it’s too late!

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