How Much Are Mobile Home Windows?

Cost of Mobile Home Windows

How much do mobile home windows cost? In general, a mobile home window replacement is going to average about $1.50 per square foot.

This price will fluctuate depending on what type of material you choose and if custom features are needed such as non-standard width or non-glass windows.

If a mobile home is placed on a cement slab then old masonry screws may need to be replaced with new steel stud grade hardware due to building code standards changing over the years.

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These new standards have been set in place for safety reasons since mobile homes are being built with lighter materials to reduce transportation costs.

Mobile Home Windows – The Cost of Window Replacements

Mobile home windows are typically priced by the lineal foot or square foot.

Typically, a mobile home window replacement will include the metal tracks, which have been cut to size, necessary hardware for installation including screws and nails, aluminum extrusions if being used as exterior trim and exterior casing molding.

The interior of the window may be included depending on what is being ordered or purchased separately.

A typical price range for a standard mobile home window replacement would be between $1.25 per square foot up to $2 per square foot not including installation costs.

Costs vary depending on brand names, materials selected and if custom features are required such as non-standard widths or tempered glass.

To calculate mobile home window replacement costs, one must also add the price of installation to the cost of mobile window replacements which typically ranges between $3.50 and $9 or more a square foot depending on if a trailer is being lifted off its foundation and how complicated the job is due to access issues.

Most mobile home windows will have a warranty ranging from 1-15 years in length although most manufacturers require annual inspections to maintain coverage.

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How to measure mobile home windows?

Mobile home windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some remodelers and window contractors use various measuring devices including:

  • Measuring tape
  • A small “pocket” scale

I’ve found the best way is just to use a simple ruler. And here’s why:

Mobile home windows are not nearly as tall as the average person might think. When measuring these windows, it’s best to measure from exterior surface to exterior surface (top of the window frame to the bottom of the window frame) rather than to top or bottom rail.

And when you do this, you’ll see that most mobile home window units are less than six feet high, even shorter in some cases.

Measuring tape, roofing scale and pocket/skinny scale methods are accurate only if you take the trouble to stand on a ladder while measuring (as you should always do), taking extra time and care to ensure your measurements are accurate.

And as I mentioned earlier, mobile home windows come in all shapes and sizes, plus they’re both height and width-specific.

Useful Tip:- If you live in an area where there is extreme weather or if you find yourself replacing your windows regularly due to damages then safety window film may be the best option for you.

Safety window film has been around for decades but it’s becoming more popular because of its nearly invisible protective layer that not only protects mobile home windows from breakage but also offers protection from heat and UV rays.

If you live in an area where the winters drop below freezing and summers exceed 100 degrees then window insulation kits may be a great option for you as well.

Typically, these kits will include a high-performance plastic film that is installed on the interior of your mobile home windows with an advanced adhesive backing which allows it to easily cling to your existing glass without leaving any type of residue or sticky feeling when touched.

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