What Is A Gaucho Bed For An RV Or Camper?

What Is A Gaucho Bed For An RV Or Camper

Having an RV is wonderful for many reasons. It lets you explore the world, giving you the freedom to go wherever and whenever.

Travelling on your own terms is exhilarating, but there are some downsides every serious RVer knows all too well. A major one is a space. RVs tend to be on the smaller side, which means you have to make do with less room for activities, furniture, decorations, etc.

This can be challenging when it comes time to choose a place to lay your head at night or just take a break during the day. Of course, bringing along an air mattress of some kind would work in a pinch, but what if you want something more permanent? That’s where the gaucho bed for an RV comes in.

A regular-sized mattress will not fit in most RVs, and even if it does it probably won’t be much more comfortable than your air mattress was.

The alternative to this problem is a fold-out bed that runs underneath the seating area of your RV, allowing you to stretch out when you need some rest. These beds are also referred to as “gaucho” beds because they originate from Argentina where gauchos would literally roll up next to their horse and use it like a twin-sized mattress.

This gives us another name for them which is the “roll-out sleeper.” Regardless of what you call them though they’re a great addition that helps you make the most of your limited space and they can be installed by an RV furniture company or you can do it yourself.

The following guide will show you what to look for in gaucho beds for RVs and how to install them if you want to do it on your own.

We’ll also provide you with some recommendations for quality models as well as give some general design tips.

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What Features Should I Look For When Buying a Gaucho Bed?

When choosing a bed there are many factors that can affect its price, durability, and ease of use. These include:

  • The materials used     
  • How easily and securely it to your vehicle’s frame 
  • Whether it can be pulled out from both sides
  • How much space the bed takes up when not in use

As you can see, these factors directly contribute to how space-efficient your bed is. A bed that takes up less space when not in use decreases the amount of available floor or wall space for other essentials.

A bed that’s tricky to install or doesn’t securely attach to the RV’s frame might give you problems down the road which means wasted money.

And finally, one with materials that aren’t durable will just break after a while meaning more wasted money and time plus the cost of replacing it with a new one.  

The good news is there are many gaucho beds on the market today that have all of these features covered. However, if you want your investment to be worthwhile then you need to make sure you get something of these factors will play a role in your gaucho bed decision.

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FAQs About Gaucho Bed

What is a camper king bed?

A camper king bed is a type of bed that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. It’s typically used as a bunk bed which means it has two beds, usually with one being on top and below.

You’ll notice there are no posts in the center of the bed because the camper king is held up by brackets that are affixed to your roof or wall depending on where you install it.

What is a double Gaucho?

A double gaucho is a type of bed that has two sides that can be extended out. If you want your mattress to be further away from the wall, then using this bed will give you more legroom and space to walk around.

The downside of this setup usually involves where it’s placed in your vehicle. Because having one side on each side of the driver means if someone walks past them they’ll have to climb over the mattress which is inconvenient. It also takes up a lot of space when not in use so if you don’t drive a larger model you’ll probably need a smaller gaucho setup instead.

Can Gaucho Beds Be Used as Truck Bed?

No, although most gauchos come with brackets to attach your mattress to the wall or ceiling it doesn’t mean you can use it as a truck bed.

The reason for this is that if something were to happen while driving, like hitting a bump, then your mattress will fall backwards which means you have no protection over the back of your head. Or if something were to fly up from the road and hit the gaucho bed, there’s nothing there to stop it from coming through your mattress too.

What Gauchos are best for recreational vehicles?

Recreational vehicles are typically smaller than campers so using this type of vehicle limits what beds are available to use. They also usually include features that aren’t necessary for other types of vehicles because having an outdoor system within a vehicle is a plus.

If you want a gaucho bed that’s easy to install and folds up securely when not in use then a plastic model might be best for your situation. It’ll be sturdier than aluminium, but it won’t dent as easily which can be a problem if you’re driving through rougher terrain.

Not all plastics will hold the load up, however. Make sure yours does before purchasing one or buy from a reputable company or retailer who guarantees their products are high quality and can stand up to various temperatures and other conditions while being used outdoors.

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What Gauchos are best for camping?

Camping typically means enjoying nature and sleeping in tents so having an indoor system within your tent isn’t a priority.

What works best for this type of situation is a lightweight aluminium gaucho bed setup that’s easy to carry around and doesn’t weigh down your rucksack either.

Aluminium holds up better than other types of metals but won’t dent as easily, so it’ll hold up more over time even with exposure to the elements like rain and snowfall.

Aluminium also has a higher heat limit and can withstand temperatures dropping below freezing which means you don’t have to worry about rusting inside your tent during colder months if you make sure it’s tucked away during these times.

How To Attach Gaucho Bed To RV?

One important thing to remember when attaching a gaucho bed to an RV is that most motion in a vehicle is going to be forward and backwards.

That means you have to have a hand crank that can handle these motions if you want your bed to roll out easily without making noise.

If you’re using aluminium this will add even more weight, so make sure the crank mechanism has enough power to roll it out when needed or opt for a lighter model instead.

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