How Many Digits Are In A Mobile Home VIN Number?

How Many Digits Are In A Mobile Home VIN Number

In most cases, the answer is 17. In general, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for an American made vehicle has 17 digits.

However, some factors may alter this number. There are also differences in how VIN numbers look depending on whether or not a vehicle was made at a U.S. plant or an import.

The first digit is either a 1 or 3, which represents the vehicle type (Travel Trailer or Mobile Home). The second digit is the manufacturer identifier.

The third digit designates what kind of restraint system was used in the vehicle(manual seat belts, automatic seat belts, airbags, etc.) The fourth through 10th digits are the unique number for the individual mobile home/ travel trailer.

Digits 11 through 17 are used by different parties to identify the plant in which the mobile home was manufactured, the division within the plant that built it, and who owns it currently.

Digits Are Mobile Home VIN

The following chart shows where each digit is located in a typical VIN. The last 6 digits represent the serial number of that particular vehicle.

The first digit of the VIN is a code that represents what type of vehicle this is. An American made mobile home/vehicle will have either a 1 or 3 in this position. A non-American made vehicle will have a 2 in this place.

The second digit in the position is always an 8 for U.S. vehicles, which means that it was manufactured by GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc. Who are all located in North America (the United States and Canada). 

A four in this spot would indicate Asia/Pacific ownership (which is usually Japan ). The remaining two digits represent the country where it was built–11 or 12 for Germany, 13 or 14 for, 15 or 16 for Poland, and 17 or 18 for Mexico.

The third digit in the position is a code representing what type of seat belts were used on the vehicle. The first three numbers stand for manual seat belts ( 3 ), and the last two represent automatic seat belts ( 2 ).

If there is not a number at all, it means that either there wasn’t an airbag installed or no information has been provided.

The fourth through tenth digits are used to identify the vehicle itself. For example, if you want to buy a Honda Civic, you will usually see that its VIN ends with JHMAP1LX5J0100001. This indicates that this particular vehicle was manufactured in Japan and a left-hand drive vehicle. It was purchased by the first owner in May of 2005.

The eleventh through seventeenth digit is a serial number that represents its place in line within the factory or the division at the plant. This might also indicate when it was built, but this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model.

18, 19, and 20 are used for international use only, such as shipping purposes.

Sometimes they will appear below The final three digits identify where the mobile home was manufactured (the factory) and who owns it currently.

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For example, a VIN ending in 1G1PG5E45F2117780 means that it’s a Chevrolet in America produced at GM’s Fairfax Assembly Plant in Kansas, owned by General Motors.

1G1JF39E2K121046 means that the vehicle is made by Apple in America, owned by Google.

The final 6 or 7 digits are serial numbers that indicate where it was manufactured and when. These are unique to every vehicle. If you were to find two mobile homes with the same VIN, it would mean that they shared common parts at some point during manufacturing, which means they are the same vehicle even if they do not look alike on the outside.

An example of this would be if you found two Honda Civics with VINs ending in JHMAP1250X5209569. They might look like completely different models but they’re likely built out of similar parts. 

Now that you know the basics, don’t be afraid to look for your own VIN stamped into the metal of your vehicle. It’s usually behind the driver’s side headlight or on the inside of the driver or passenger door (though this varies depending on where you are in the world).

If you want to find out more information about a specific vehicle, try using Carfax. It will tell you practically everything there is to know about the history of each vehicle.

If they don’t have information for that particular year and model, it might be difficult to track down. You can also contact a dealership or someone who specializes in vehicles/travel trailers with that kind of VIN number (such as an owner) to get more information.

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